Precautions to take whilst out running

General Care & Liability.

Whilst Edmonton Running Club endeavours to ensure that its members running is fun, safe & enjoyable, it cannot be held responsible or liable for any accidents or injuries which may be suffered, no matter how they occur.

However, whilst not guaranteeing injury free running, we would draw the following notes to your attention with the hope that your running will indeed be safe.

Whilst the Running Club and its Members are insured, this is only whilst you are involved in a running club activity. Private running and other activities such as dualathlons/triathlons etc may fall outside the scope of the club’s insurance, so please check. You should ensure you have your own private insurance cover which is likely to be on the back of your household policy.

Accidents & Hazard Awareness.

1. Know your route and surroundings.

Familiarise yourself with the route to be run so you know where you are going, how to get back and where to go in an emergency. Regular running routes are posted on the web site.  Be aware of roads, terrain and general hazards.

2. Be seen, be bright.

The Tuesday and Thursday regular runs are held during the evening which during Winter months will be dark. As these runs will cross numerous roads, it is vitally important to be aware of vehicles around you and to take reasonable steps to ensure they are aware of you.

3. Road & Pavement Hazards.

Be aware of vehicles, kerbs, uneven and broken pavements, in addition to general waste and possible broken glass. Always try and run where there is sufficient light.

4. Off Road Running.

Sunday runs from Whitwebbs tend to be off road and the tracks often present uneven terrain which may be pot-holed, contain projecting roots and may be slippery.  Also be aware of overhead hazards such as branches and the like.

5. Run with a Buddie.

Always run with at least one other runner, never alone.  You may need someone to help in an emergency.  Make sure you carry a mobile.

Illness & Medical Conditions.

As a member of Edmonton Running Club you should have already notified the Club of any conditions with which you suffer as it is part of the application form. This is an ongoing responsibility. The Club Officers are not medically trained and as such, you should make the Officials, in addition to any running buddies aware of not only your conditions but how they may be impacted by running. In addition, the Officials will need to know what to do in the event of an episode occurring.

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