Club Championship

About the Championship

The Club Championship is a league designed to reward ERC members’ performances and commitment to the club throughout the year.  Points are awarded for participating in inter-club league and competition races (e.g. cross country and midweek road league) and other races where there is a good ERC presence as well as for volunteering (e.g. marshalling and baggage) duties.

NB The scoring system has been updated for 2015. Details below.

The league runs from 1st December through to 30th November and prizes are awarded to the top male and female members, at the Christmas party in December.

Scoring System in Full

Two competitions

  • Male runners and female runners will compete separately, the highest placed of each gender will be declared the winners.
  • Where an event is ranked and scored for the Club Championship, there will be separate scoring for male and female runners.

Core and Non-Core Races

Core races are defined as…

  • Midweek League races
  • Cross Country League races
  • Other regional/national Cross Country club races
  • Enfield Mayor’s 10k
  • Crouch End 10k
  • Triffic Trail 10k

All other non-marathon and non-half marathon races (excluding Gary Collins Town Park 5k handicap) , which have been advertised in club communications and have at least five ERC participants are classified as non-core races

  • A maximum of 10 core and non core races can be counted of which a maximum of 2 non core races are allowed.  2 participation points are awarded for each counting race.
  • Positional Points are awarded as 20pts (highest ranked for gender) then 18, 16, … , 4, 2

 Virtual Half Marathon

  • 2 participation points are awarded per half marathon completed
  • The best 2 times for each runner count, and these are ranked and scored 20pts, 19, 18, … , 2, 1

Virtual Marathon

  • 2 participation points are awarded for completing a marathon.
  • The best time for each runner counts, and these are ranked and scored 20pts, 18, 16, … , 2

Gary Collins Town Park 5k handicap

  • 2 participation points are awarded for completing each 5k handicap race


  • 10 points for volunteering for ERC, up to a maximum of 30 points


  • If two or more male/female runners finish on the same number of points, then the following tie-breaking criteria will apply…
    • Higher number of volunteering points
    • Highest number points in club races