Who’s Who

Chairperson: Aggie Minas
I have been running since 2002 and I joined ERC in 2006, where I met a lovely group of people who made my running experience challenging and enjoyable. Since then I have completed many races from 5k to full marathons in the UK and abroad, in all sorts of weather and terrain conditions. I am currently the Club Chairman but have previously been the Club Treasurer and have also been involved in organising much of the club’s social activities. I have a great fondness for the club and regard it as my second family.
Secretary: Naresh Trivedi
I have been a member of Edmonton Running Club since seeing the sign to the clubhouse on Green Lanes in 2007. At that time, training on my own had become a little boring and I wanted a group to train with and motivate me.My role within the club is the secretary which I have done since 2009.My favourite distance is 10k.
Treasurer: Austen Slattery
I first took up running in 2011 with a pledge that I would run my first marathon before my 50th birthday. I have enjoyed running since this time completing in over 130 Parkruns, 6 marathons and multiple half marathons. I joined ERC in 2013 after much encouragement from fellow ERC runners at Pymmes Parkrun. I enjoy running for the club, which I find is a very social, friendly club and was happy to be asked to be Treasurer last year. There has been a long standing commitment to the club by its many members and I hope to be able to do it service as a committee member.
Committee Member: Lorraine Pichelski
After getting a place in the 2006 London Marathon I looked for a local group to train with, and found Edmonton Running Club. This introduced me to lots of marathon runners who have now become good friends.I am currently the Lady’s cross country captain and these races are some of my favourites along with other more unusual races (where you end up wet and muddy).I am a former rower and have recently taken up triathlons.
Committee Member: Gary Robinson
I never wanted to join a running club, but in 2015 I entered the Jill Oliver 10K (ERC Run the River 10k) and met a bunch of enthusiastic people who supported everyone.  I enjoy representing ERC in various races and now have the pleasure of assisting to continue the ERC ethos of encouraging and supporting all runners whatever their aims and maintaining the ERC team values.
Committee Member: James Gill
I took up running in 2014 just to keep fit, however I never expected it to develop into such a huge passion or have such a positive effect on my overall wellbeing. Over the last few years I’ve steadily improved my running, chipping away at my PB’s and taking on new and exciting challenges. I’m part of the core team at Cheshunt Junior parkrun which I find incredibly rewarding. I recently joined ERC so I can train with a bigger group and enjoy the social side of the running club.
Committee Member: Simon Harrison
I always had a passion to be sporty, starting with a lengthy football career.
Once I stopped playing (regularly) I turned to running as a way to keep fit, with aim of completing the London Marathon.
I did the first ones in 2003/2004 but left it nearly 10 years to do another!
I helped set up the club’s first website and am now looking forward to being a member of the committee, driving the club ever forwards.
To me running is not just about the physical health benefits, though; after a long day at work I find that a run is what I need to help to clear my mind.
Committee Member: Ilia Loubenski
Since I regained my running passion in 2014 I was looking for a group of like-minded people. I found ERC to be just such a group – a friendly bunch of runners encouraging you to set new goals and to achieve them.
I am not always able to join club runs, but I try my best to run in every competition where the club puts a team – as competing in ERC vest is a truly uplifting experience.
I came to like and care about the club and I want it to become even better – in terms of organisation and size. I am ready to commit a portion of my time and organisational skills to contribute to this cause.
Club Founder: Brian Collison
I formed the club with an old school friend Mick Whelpton after running the inaugural London Marathon in 1981. Mick has since emigrated to Australia, however I kept the club going and ran 6 marathons after this, with a p.b. of 3h 37mins in Edinburgh. Over the years there have been too many races to mention, but the fun I have had doing them will be with me forever. One of my best performances was a 10 mile race in Ware in 1995, which I completed in 66 minutes, however it “must have been a short course”. I now take a back seat in the club but I would love to see new people becoming involved and getting as much out of running as I have done over the years.
Volunteer Coordinator: Rick Oliver
I have been a member of Edmonton Running Club for over 25 years and have had some great experiences with the club over this time.I assist in the direction of the club’s race (the Jill Oliver 10k) and I am responsible for organising the baggage handling teams that the club provides for the London Marathon and other events.Although my favourite distance is the half marathon, I am also a ‘parkrun tourist’, having completed over sixty of these 5k events at fifteen different locations.

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