Awards and Prizes

A number of awards are presented to club runners at our end of year Christmas party.  Some have changed over the years; here are the most recent along with a few from previous years:


Ralph Martin Award: Ilia Loubenski

Club Championship Female Winner: Ai-Seng Paul
Club Championship Male Winner: Ilia Loubenski

GCTP Championship Female Winner: Jan Hazirci
GCTP Championship Male Winner: Ilia Loubenski

Most Improved Female: Catherine Turley
Most Improved Male: Andrew Florides

Female PBs: Ai-Seng Paul
Male PBs: James Gill
Male PBs: Austen Slattery

Special Achievements Award: Shaolin Loke

World Marathon Majors: Ken Stewart


Ralph Martin Award – Ken Stewart
Club Champions – Jan Hazirci and Ilia Loubenski
Town Park Championship Winners – Jan Hazirci and Ilia Loubenski
Most Improved Runner – Jan Hazirci and Gary Robinson
All the PBs – Ken Stewart
Most Extreme Run – Michael Orr
Everything Is Possible – Ai Seng Paul
Most Inspired Runner – Miranda Padley
Social Coordinator – Carol Marlow
Style Coordinator – Chris Demetriou
Race Coordinator – Lorraine Pichelsky
Run Ambassador – Jan Hazirci and Susie Dutoit
Best Running Buddy – John Tudor


Ralph Martin Award – Pichelski Family and Naresh Trivedi
Club Champions – Aggie Minas and Michael Orr
Town Park Championship Winners -Pauline Edmunds and Alin Dobre
Most Improved Runner – Jane Fitton and Ken Stewart
Back to Back – Austen Slattery
Green Man Ultra – Chris Demetriou
Ironman Austria – Victoria Lovelock
ParkRun Ambassador – Devkee Trivedi, Katie Shewring, Michael Orr and Derek Weedon
London to Brighton 100km – Tracey Ruane and Terry Norris
PB Champion – Ilia Loubenski
Volunteer Coordinator – Rick Oliver
Track Coordinator – Simon Harrison
Style Coordinator – Hannah Kelly


Ralph Martin Award: Naresh Trivedi and Vasso Vassiliou
Most Improved Male Runner: Michael Orr
Most Improved Female Runner: Carol Marlow
Town Park Championship Winner (Male): Mon Lyall and Ilia Loubenski
Town Park Championship Winner (Female): Pauline Edmunds
Club Champion (Male): Vasso Vassiliou
Club Champion (Female): Sylwia Tokarska


Ralph Martin Award: Aggie Minas
Most Improved Male Runner: Derek Weedon
Most Improved Female Runner: Sylwia Tokarska
Town Park Championship Winner (Male): Mon Lyall
Town Park Championship Winner (Female): Pauline Edmunds
Club Champion (Male): Naresh Trivedi
Club Champion (Female): Susie Dutoit
Special Awards: Terry Norris and Avtar Singh


Ralph Martin 2013_awardsAward: Marc Bibaud
Most Improved Male Runner: Paul Basham
Most Improved Female Runner: Michelle Cullingford
Town Park Championship Winner (Male): Mon Lyall
Town Park Championship Winner (Female): Pauline Edmunds
Club Champion (Male): Marc Bibaud
Club Champion (Female): Victoria Lovelock
Club Ambassador Awards: Marilyn Manze and Ken Stewart


Ralph Martin Award: Lorraine Pichelski
Male Runner of the Year: Vasso Vassiliou
Female Runner of the Year: Lorraine Pichelski
Town Park Championship Winner (Male): Peter Joyce
Town Park Championship Winner (Female): Lorraine Pichelski
Club Champion (Male): Rajiv Ratan
Club Champion (Female): Pauline Edmunds


Ralph Martin Award: Rajiv Ratan
Most Improved Male Runner: Avtar Singh
Most Improved Female Runner: Val Hahn
Club Handicap Winner (Male): Ray Clarabut
Club Handicap Winner (Female): Pauline Edmunds
Note there was no Club Championship in 2011.


Ralph Martin Award: Deborah Skapoulis
Most Improved Male Runner: Frank Robinson
Most Improved Female Runner: Pauline Edmunds
Club Championship Winner (Male): Malcolm Hart
Club Championship Winner (Female): Lorraine Pichelski


Ralph Martin Award: Tim Williams
Most Improved Runner: Victoria Lovelock
Club Handicap Winner: Julie Adams
Club Championship Winner (Male): Chris Thompson
Club Championship Winner (Female): Louisa Brana

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