Website Migration and Members Login

Hi everybody

As you might have noticed ERC club website is getting a little bit long in the tooth. The biggest issue is that it’s not very mobile friendly (and I was reliably informed that this is a capital crime these days). Also, current functionality is quite limited.

After looking at several variants it was decided we move to a platform specifically designed to maintain sports club sites and events built by a company called Eventrac. If the name sounds familiar – that is probably because they managed the registration process for this year’s Triffic Trail.

Currently we are at the stage of preparing the site migration behind the scenes. Then on a day X Naresh will click his fingers Thanos-style (but in a good way of course) and the address will start pointing to a new shiny ERC website.

One of the benefits of the new site will be an ability to join the club and manage one’s member details online. Right now, we are about to transfer the members list to the new site. This will generate emails to all current members asking to confirm their registration and details. Can you please do this upon receiving the emails.

If you encounter any issues in the process – can you please email


Race To The Stones 2019 report by Ken Stewart

Saturday 13th July 2019 saw 4 ERC members running the Race to the Stones Ultra-Marathon.

The race starts near Lewknor, Oxfordshire, and follows the ancient Ridgeway National Trail, finishing at Avebury Stone Circle, near Swindon. There were 1102 runners.

The Race can be run in many ways, from running the whole 100 km in one go, running the first 50 km on the Saturday and the second 50 km on the Sunday (you can even opt to camp in between) or come back another year to do the second half.

The RTTS is very well-organised with excellent direction signs.

If you are new to the concept of an Ultra-Marathon, as most of us were, this one has a couple of features you probably haven’t come across before.

The familiar water stations of shorter races are replaced by Pit Stops. These tend to be about 10 km apart and are more than watering points. Typically there would be water, fruit juices, tea and coffee, energy bars and gels, electrolytes, bananas, water melon, fruit and sandwiches. All stops had crisps and chocolate and a variety of nut bars. Later stops had porridge.

At 50 km there is Base Camp. This is a mega Pit Stop which had all the camping facilities, and food marques serving soups and hot meals. In addition to all this free grub there were stalls and vans selling ice-cream, burgers and pizza.

All pits stops had a medical tent and, of course, toilets which were clean with no queues.

There are Cut-Off times for the various pit stops but they were so generous they were never a concern.

There are shuttle buses to get you back to your car at the Start from both the Base Camp and the 100 km Finish at Avebury.

The scenery is amazing. The terrain is hilly and many of the tracks have trip hazards such as tree roots, and flints and stones protruding from the ground. Others are narrow or overgrown, many with hidden ruts.

Ai Seng, Naresh and I ran the 100 km in just under 18 hours, guided and encouraged by Shaolin who is fast becoming an Ultra veteran. Her ever-watchful eye and patient back-marking meant that any inevitable low points or problems we encountered were short-lived.

Devkee and Arjun provided typical ERC encouragement and support by cheering us into pit stops until well over half way. Lynn, having delivered 3 of us to the start, gave us rapturous applause as we finished at 2 am, poured us into the car and got us all home just after dawn.

I use the word “ran” as a general expression. The many hills and rough terrain meant that walking replaced running for a major part of the time, especially during the last 5 hours which was completed in the dark over ankle-threatening tracks.

In all, it was an amazing experience. I think we all enjoyed it, although there were moments of concern with twisted ankles, falls, blisters, temporary exhaustion and near the end, grumpiness fueled by tiredness. The weather was ideal.

Advice to anyone thinking of doing RTTS – give it a go! Get advice from experienced Ultra runners. Try and get a couple of 30 mile runs in. (We benefited from two 15 mile out and 15 mile return runs – one from near the start and one from Avebury. The terrain is totally different.) Lastly, do it with someone or a group and stick together.

We are ERC, so there was no stopping us!

Ware 10s race report by Dani.

ERC are no strangers to Hertfordshire races, and Ware 10s was yet another ticked off the list this year with more runners and more achievements than I can shake a stick at, including 3 new club records.  Can you believe there were just 10 runners at last year’s race, and today ERC had the 2nd largest club turn out at the Ware 10 mile race which was just 2 runners behind Fairlands.  In the 10k race, we were 3rd largest club in the 10k behind Ampthill and Ware Joggers.  It is by pure coincidence that 21 ERC members took part in Ware 10s this weekend, and similarly 21 ran at Pymmes parkrun the day before.  Seems we have a lucky number folks, and it’s a fairly high one at that.  The ERC turnout has been nothing but outstanding of late, 33 at Town Park on Tuesday, 32 at Hitchin MWL, 29 at Triffic Trail, the list goes on!  The ERC members are growing and we like it that way, so much so we’re out on a recruitment drive this coming Saturday 13th July at none other than one of our locals Pymmes parkrun.

Other than “the hill”, the only tricky thing about Ware 10s seems to be deciding whether to sign up for 10k or 10 miles, so much so that indecisive me ended up not signing up at all and taking a rest day!  Well I say a rest day, volunteering at junior parkrun and then supporting at Ware 10s was not quite a rest, you only need to ask my mother and mascot Chester who both fell asleep when we finally arrived home 6 hours since we’d left the house!

Whilst the runners were off touring the picturesque countryside of Ware and the stunning river Lea, the supporters (Xenia, Anastasia, Shaolin and family, Rita, myself, mother and Chester) kicked back with a hot drink and a scrummy cake, and for one, even a book!  But we couldn’t rest for long, the bumblebee attired runners were soon seen circling the field on their way to the finish, and onto the victories.

Now you might think some would take it easy the day before a race, particularly a 10k let alone a 10 miler, but as we know 21 ERC members were out popping the bucks fizz and celebrating mine and Miranda’s milestones at Pymmes parkrun, with Rod even achieving a cheeky PB!  Jan however seemed to do the right thing taking it easy the day before by coming to cheer and support rather than running, and ended up at Ware running 10 miles with a string of achievements longer than my arm…here we go.  Not only did Jan obtain a cracking 3 min course PB of 1:16, but also first ERC female finisher, first in her age category, and one of 3 who won 1st female team award alongside Siobhan finishing in 1:19 and Catherine in 1:21!  Well done podium winners!  Speaking of amazing, Richard was the 1st ERC’er to finish in 1:15 achieving a club record in his age category.  Ai Seng who is currently in training for Race to the Stones next week managed to once again win her age category in 1:29, achieve a course PB and on top of that a new club record beating her own time from last year!  Ken, also in training for RTTS achieved a fantastic club record for his age cat with a 1:25 finish.  Diran whooped home with a 3.37 min PB guided by Lightening “Safety First” Ilia for whom 10 miles was a new race distance and therefore a PB for him too, and a race time for both of 1:20.  Ilia cited the most important thing was guiding Diran around the course without incident, and second important, a PB.  Naturally he managed both effortlessly, well done guys!  Nick Dines came and conquered Ware, sporting his virgin ERC tshirt and did us proud with a 1:21 finish with daughter Anastasia chasing him at the end.  Even John Churchill had a great day with a couple of ladies, Ai Seng and wife Dee, he was quoted saying “I was chasing after one while trying to keep in front of the other one”, a fab 1:30 for the Churchills.  Last but not least to mention, lovely to see Maria who has recently been supporting us at various events, now back from an ankle injury romping home in 1:42.

2019 was the highest turnout for Ware with 687 runners.  Support from the marshals was fantastic, there were plenty of water stops and the atmosphere was brilliant.  ERC of course the loudest by far, cheering all their runners home at the finish.  All had a fab day at the races!

Gary Collins Handicap Race 3

Great crowd at the race including a lot of new members!

The results of the race 3 and the standing after the three races are now at the site –

Check the race photos at the club FB page.

If you think that your results is missing or incorrect – please shout to

MWL Hitchin Race Report by James

The final competitive Mid Week League fixture of the season was hosted by Hitchin……in (wait for it) ….Stevenage….which would have been a good excuse for Michael’s customary late dash for the start line.

There was a fantastic showing by Edmonton Running Club with 32 runners and Simon, Aggie and Maria providing great support. The course was just under two laps of the Stevenage concrete jungle. Conditions were a little chilly but good for running after rain at Watford and Harlow, and we all enjoyed the downhill start. The excellent photographs on Facebook show a stream of Edmonton Runners near the front seriously burning rubber. I think a few of us regretted that quick start!

Alas the downhills had to come to an end, and the second part of the lap consisted of a deceptively challenging uphill stretch. The course was described as ‘undulating’ – a word which I urge the campaign for plain English to investigate. I’ve been running now for 5 years and I have finally learned to be wary of this word ‘undulating’ – let’s face it – it means the run will be hilly. The truth is that Run Directors use this word to trick unsuspecting runners into signing up for their events! As this was a two lap course, we got to enjoy the downhill for a second time and then endure the undulations in the final 3km to the funnel. That final stretch really hurt, but ERC runners are made of strong stuff and we powered through.

So onto the running, there were some fantastic performances from ERC runners including a starling new PB of 54:10 from Dani (an improvement of 3:11 minutes). It was great to welcome Kevin back from injury, and to also have John and Dee running in the hallowed Edmonton Club vests for the first time. Katie was 13th in a strong Women’s field where the first placed athlete finished in an amazing time of 35:18! I noted some particularly impressive sprint finishes – Marc continues his fine form and was eye-balls out over the closing stretch; Naresh responded to the cacophony of cheers from the ERC runners to blaze through the funnel; and Andrew picked up at least 2 places right on the line. There was a sea of yellow as we had 7 runners cross the finishing line in quick succession between 44 and 47 minutes; impressive racing!

So in the blink of an eye the business side of the Mid-Week League is concluded for another year – it seems not only a moment ago that we were all cursing that final undulation in the fields of Harpenden (now that was a hill!). If anyone has ever tried and failed to make sense of the Excel spreadsheet that contains the Mid-Week League results, then I feel your pain. All you need to know is that we should be proud that ERC finished a highly respectable 3rd (out of 8 teams) in Division 3. We missed promotion by just 1 place, and surely would have achieved the feat had the very strong Ware Joggers not joined the league this year. Ware topped the division with 63 points, then Harpenden Arrows with 56 points and then ERC with 44 well deserved points.

There’s been some great racing, PB’s, comebacks and debuts – but the enduring memory for me and for many other club members is the team spirit that ERC display at these fixtures. As has become tradition, there was a crowd of yellow vested club runners congregated at the finish funnel to cheer every member home. It really was quite a spectacle and something we should all be very proud of as a club – it is notable that Edmonton is the only club that does this. There were some great photographs and even better camaraderie.

The final chapter of the Mid-Week league road race season is the ‘Mob Match’ on 11th July in Welwyn. This is a non-competitive fixture, where all three divisions come together for a more social run and to give out the team and individual awards for the season. Fingers crossed there will be some silverware to recognise the efforts of our individual runners. Hope you can join us!


P.S – the Welwyn route is described as a ‘flat very twisting course of two laps’ – not undulating!

Two for the record books.

Yesterday’s edition of the Golden Stag Mile brought not one, but two club records:

Naresh – 06:52 in V60 category
Ken – 06:57 in V65 category.

Aren’t ERC racers on fire?

MWL Watford Race Report

This Wednesday (Jun-12) saw the third edition of the Mid-Week Road Racing League. Only this time the “road racing” was to be taken with a pinch of salt. Either the hosting club (Watford Joggers) did not get the memo or they are just in love with their cross-country course. As a result, the middle section was the same “Loop In The Woods” so familiar to anybody who raced Watford XC Sunday League during the winter. Read “muddy trails and plenty of elevation gain”. The conditions were made a tiny bit spicier by a constant rain during the whole Wednesday and a couple of days prior.

Lesser mortals would have shrunk in the face of such challenge. What about ERC runners then? They turned to the start line in record numbers (14 ladies and 13 men). The photo above is missing Susie and Mark who perhaps took their respective warm-up routines a touch too seriously.

As it is becoming customary in this year league we had a runner who took on the race challenge having joined the club only one day prior. Kudos to Irina!

Chairman Simon while still sadly side-lined by an injury attended the occasion with logistical, official and photographic support.

So – we came, we saw, and we conquered. Very strong showing across the genders and age categories. The notable individual performances came on the ladies side this time with three ERC runners – Katie, Jan and Becky all coming second in their respective age categories.

The herculean effort of the ladies team put them in the SECOND overall position in race 3 in the division after a very strong Ware Joggers team. Still missing a couple of ERC faster runners due to injury the men settled for the fourth place overall. After first three races we are third overall (just below promotional position). Luckily there is still a chance to rectify this at the last point-scoring race in two weeks’ time on Jun-26. I would have said “mark your calendars”, but I suspect that the mark was put there several months ago when the race dates were announced.

MWL Harlow Race Report

It is summer time and races are coming thick and fast now.

Fresh from great outing at Harpenden ERC squad descended upon Harlow in force. Now first things first – this time we had a full team!

The conditions were a little bit less tranquil – there was drizzle occasionally turning into rain pre- during and after the race. But this did not stop a magnificent performance by team ERC. The course while mostly flat included a couple of challenging sections – narrow paths with sharp turns and reduced visibility. Still there was some very fast running.

Hot on the heels of his sub 39 PB run at the Vitality 10k Mark was the first ERC runner home with only marginally slower 39:17 result. Jan occupied the top lady position again coming 3rd in her age category. Along with Becky who was second in her age category she is on the cusp of the season podium finish.

A special mention goes to the new club members Claire and Rod who after joining ERC only recently did not dally on the fence and jumped straight into the deep end. Kudos!

The full race protocols are on the league website – while you can check individual ERC performances here –

After two races ERC sits third in the Division three – agonisingly short of the two promotion places. But the chance to rectify this will come very soon – the next MWL race (Watford) is only a week away. Mark your calendars and keep an eye on the club communications for the details.

MWL Harpenden Update

Yesterday saw the first outing of team ERC at Midweek Road-racing League at Harpenden.

With the glorious weather on the cards ERC runners turned to the occasion en masse, but not quite en masse enough to make the full teams. We had 11 men (one short of full team of 12) and 6 ladies (two short of the team size of 8). A couple of serial racers missed the occasion because they take part in Edinburgh Marathon this weekend – an understandable precaution.

An indomitable leader Simon made the trip despite suffering an injury and provided full official and photo support.

It was good to see newer club members making their MWL debut – Mark, Sameer, Becky, Andrew and Hannah. A special mention goes to Chloe who having had her trial run with ERC just one day prior joined the club on the day of the race and jumped straight into the deep end.

You can find the results at the RunHerts website –

A couple of notable ERC performances: Becky came second and Jan – third in their respective age groups thus putting them into a good position for a podium finish (or even the win) come the season end. Meanwhile Catherine managed to set a 10k PB despite a tough nature of the course with rolling hills and some grassy bits.

As some of you know ERC is currently in the Division three of the league. In order to gain a promotion we need to come at one of the two top positions. This task got harder this year as a very strong team from Ware Joggers joined the MWL (in the division three) and are likely to be one of the top two teams. Nevertheless the task is achievable. After the first race ERC occupies fourth position (just a half-point below third). With a full team we will be in a striking distance of first two division places. Just an extra reminder that no individual performance can harm the team result, but will only improve it.

You can see individual results at the results page and the effect on the club championship standings –

So – please put the date of the next race (Jun-05 at Harlow) in the calendar and try to be there. I am sure everyone who raced yesterday would attest that this series is a good fun and not to be missed.

XC season results

Hi everybody

Below is a quick summary of ERC participation in the Sunday Cross-Country League.

We had a total of 39 runners who took part, which is probably the record number. But only for three of them the love of mud was so great that they felt compelled to run in all five races. We salute you Ai Seng, Richard and James!

Here are our team sizes by race:


In all races but one we had a full team. The exception was the notorious Royston XC where only two ERC ladies started and only one finished – Ai Seng.

Ai Seng was also our only representative in the top of the category places coming fifth in VW55. Her grip on the club championship (  already looks strong and it’s only February.

You can find detailed results at RunHerts site –

MWL provisional dates

The 2019 is still in its infancy, but we already have the XC season wrapped up and now can look forward to some tarmac racing during the spring and summer.

The MidWeek Road Racing League (of which ERC is a part) had their AGM a couple of weeks ago and here is the provisional list of race dates along with the hosting clubs. The latter give some indication where the races take place.

Wednesday 22rd May Harpenden Arrows
Wednesday 5th/Thursday 6 th June Watford Joggers
Wednesday 12 th June Harlow Running Club
Wednesday 26 th June Hitchn Running Club
Thursday 11 th July Garden City Runners (the mob match)

Those races normally start at 7:45pm and are all around 10k in length mostly on the roads and pavements (there is a couple of light trail sections in one or two races).

There will be emails with further details closer to the dates, but it would be good for the members to put these dates into their diaries now. I believe that this season we can put a team with a real potential to battle to the promotion into the Division 2 (we are currently in the Division 3).

Autumn running.

Hi all


With the daylight hours shrinking fast our evening runs are happening in a low light conditions. It is just a quick reminder to the ERC runners to switch their mindset and gear accordingly.

Unfortunately the dangers of running in low visibility situation are all too real. Last week the fellow runners from Trent Park RC had two separate accidents in one of which a runner cut his head against the road sign and in the other – two runners were hit by a car while crossing the road.

Please consider the following points when going to your evening or early morning runs:

  • Wearing bright coloured gear with reflective strips.
  • Using head-torches and flashing light wearables.
  • Assuming car drivers and pedestrians do not see you unless you are absolutely sure otherwise.
  • Just being more cautious overall.


Gary Collins Handicap – Final Results

The results of the last race and the series totals are now on the website:

Final Results


Gary Collins 5k Handicap. Race 4 results.

The results are available at the site:


Race 4

Mid Week League epilogue.

Yesterday was the last race of this year’s Mid-Week Road Racing League (MWL). Below there is some general MWL information and a quick summary of ERC performance in 2018.


MWL combines English Athletics affiliated running clubs from North London and North of London.  This year there were 19 clubs in three divisions. Currently divisions 2 and 3 race together with results and points counting being separate. There are 5 races during the season. The distance is 10k (or close to 10k). The races are mostly on tarmac with occasional mild trail parts. The races take place on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and normally start at 19:30 or 19:45.


Race results are uploaded to RunHerts website –


Current rules set a full team of 12 men and 8 ladies. If there are more competitors from a club – the ones outside of fastest 12 and 8 are treated as “B” team etc. After the race all finishers positions are added together and the teams are ranked by the lowest total. If the team is short of 12/8 then the last finishing number is added for every “missing person”. Therefore, no individual participant can lower team’s overall result. People in “B” and “C” teams still help by pushing other clubs lower in the standing.


Currently ERC competes in Division 3.


During a season there are four points races and the final Mob Match when all divisions race together with no points awarded. At the end of the season two clubs at the top of the division get promoted and two at the bottom – relegated. Additionally, individual trophies are awarded for the podium places by age categories.


This year there were following ERC runners numbers in league races:

Race 1 Hitchin – 12 men and 10 ladies.

Race 2 Royston – 9 men and 9 ladies.

Race 3 Welwyn – 8 men and 9 ladies.

Race 4 Harlow – 12 men and 8 ladies.

Race 5 (Mob Match) Welwyn – 7 men and 2 ladies.


The final Division 3 table looks like this:

Pos OVERALL Score Points
1 Hitchin Running Club 1,232 54 Promoted
2 Watford Joggers 1,549 47 Promoted
3 Freedom Tri 3,180 31
4 Edmonton Running Club 3,755 31
5 Herts Phoenix AC 3,570 29
6 Stevenage & North Herts AC 3,995 22
7 Broxbourne Running Club 5,062 10


ERC took a shared third place. Even though the gap to the promotion places is not small we probably can close it just by bringing the full teams for each race the next season. Naresh is doing a great job of organising these events for the club and coordinating logistics so there is no reason not to.


Several ERC runners got to the podium this year in individual Division 3 age categories:

Ai-Seng – winner in V55 category.

Jan – 2nd in V45 category.

Naresh – 2nd in V60 category.

Ilia – 2nd in V40 category.

Rita – 3rd in V45 category.






Gary Collins 5K Handicap

Race 2 of the Gary Collins handicap is on Tuesday 5th June 2018.

Start time 7:30pm in Enfield Town Park. All members welcome, your best 3 times count towards your final score, so if you missed the first come on down.  Meet at the club and run down or come straight to the park.

I would like to get a large group photo of everyone in their new club kit. Please wear you new vest and I will get a photo before the start.

Anyone not with a vest please let me know. We have a full range of men’s and ladies vests and t.shirts.

Run The River 10K

Sunday 14th October 2018 – Run the River 10k – Entries are open!

Spread the word, we are now taking entries. Last year we sold out 2 weeks before race day, so if they missed out last year, advise them not to delay. Starting and finishing at the Lea Valley Athletics centre. Flat, off road route, with T.shirt and medal for all.

Free Fun Run for the youngsters around the track, before the main race.

There are no paper entries this year on-line only via Run Britian


Please note: Members are needed to help on the day with various duties, I will be collecting names at a later date



Gary Collins Handicap. Race 1 results.

Thanks to Lorraine and Co we have the full age-graded results of the first race yesterday:


Name Running Time Modified Time Points
Jan Hazirci 23:36 20:29 20
Ai Seng Paul 25:50 20:58 19
Catherine Turley 26:38 22:55 18
Aggie Minas 25:50 23:08 17
Carol Marlow 26:30 23:22 16
Nina Kennedy 30:25 24:02 15
Jane Fitton 27:25 24:10 14
Katie Moey 26:46 26:12 13
Devkee Trivedi 26:46 26:46 12
Lisa Worley 28:57 26:57 11
Laura Tollerton 28:34 28:14 10
Nicola Lawley 30:22 30:08 9
Susie Dutoit 30:51 30:21 8
Stacey Hollingsworth 31:06 30:57 7
Ilia Loubenski 18:27 16:39 20
Marc Bibaud 21:57 18:53 19
Simon Harrison 21:49 19:23 18
Naresh Trivedi 24:45 19:33 17
James Gill 21:02 19:44 16
Michael Orr 22:40 20:18 15
Gary Robinson 23:56 21:36 14
Louis Saldiray 22:17 22:17 13
Andy Malleson 22:59 22:48 12
John Tudor 26:30 24:07 11
Derek Weedon 32:00 24:23 10

London Marathon GFA changes.

Many ERC runners consider Good For Age (GFA) qualification as an entry route to London marathon. It turned out that not everybody is aware that the race organisers introduced some rather big changes to the GFA system recently. These changes are already in place for 2019 qualification.


The details of the entry procedure are described at the VLM website –


Please notice that there is a very significant change starting from 2019. While achieving the GFA qualifying time used to guarantee entry – now it only allows to apply for one. Then the entrants would be selected from the applications pool from fastest to slowest to the total of 3,000 men and 3,000 women spread across age categories. The new process is similar to the one for Boston qualifying.


Therefore, the GFA applicants are now advised to apply for the public ballot as well to increase their chances of getting a race entry.


Unlike in Boston the age in GFA tables is taken not at the date of intended London marathon, but at the date when the qualifying race was ran. This might affect quite a few people.

Gary Collins’ Town Park Handicap 2018

Dates for your diary. Our annual 5K handicap will begin on the first Tuesday of May and run on the first Tuesday of every month until September. Dates listed below:

  • 1st May
  • 5th June
  • 3rd July
  • 7th August
  • 4th September

Look out for more information soon! For general info, click here.
To RSVP on Facebook, click here.

RunThrough VeloPark Race Series

This particular race is an unusual one in that there are up to 5 races on the course at a time: Half, 10 Mile, 10k, 5k and 1 mile. They all start at different times, with the Half starting at 9am and the others about 15 minutes apart. The only downside is that you don’t know which race the runners are in you may be overtaking, but you can be certain that the faster runners going past are in another race!
If the thought of running 13 (and a bit) 1 mile laps seems a bit daunting for a Half Marathon then believe me it wasn’t that bad. Although I was the only ERC runner taking part today I did take along a couple of others to do the 10k (one of whom I believe got a PB).

How to get in:
This is part of the series which holds various races throughout the UK and London.
Although you have to sign-up beforehand the limit of 400 was only reached few days before the race. The 10k was £15 and the Half £18.

The course is run on the outdoor cycle track at the VeloPark. And guess what? It’s a mile long. It’s not flat, but there is a small and oft-recurring incline to negotiate but there are some good straights to get back up to speed. It does twist and turn a bit but there are no sharp bends so again easy to keep the speed going.
There is water available every lap and plenty of it.

On course support:
Although there were not many people out cheering, if you are a spectator you only need to walk about 100m to be able to see the whole course!
You can still get support as you pass the finish line every lap though as the commentator shouts out your name.

I found it well organised and the pre-race emails were timely and informative. You need to pick up your number on the day but arriving in plenty of time meant that there was no last minute rush. I don’t think it would be a problem anyway as there were 4 desks split by surname.
The only small downside is that the pre-race loudspeaker was a little bit quiet, but there were plenty of announcements to listen too.
You were never far away from the sound of someone shaking a tambourine for encouragement.

Bling 😊
A large medal and free post-race photos to share on Facebook. No T-shirt but I still think it was good value for money. They also provided bananas, protein shakes, flap jack and energy bars.

The VeloPark (and Velodrome) offer plenty of toilets, warm changing rooms and the possibility of a shower if you want post-race.

London Landmarks Half Marathon. Race Report (Ilia).

It looks I was the only ERC runner at the inaugural London Landmarks Half Marathon on Mar-25. I thought I would write down some impressions in case anyone thinks of running it in the future.


This is the first half marathon in central London. I understand that the organisers want to make it an annual event and already started pre-registering people for the next year.


How to get in:

The process for this year race included pre-registration on the website. The total race capacity was 10,000 and I think the organisers gave half of this places through online registration on first-come first-served basis. All these places went very quickly. I did not have any problems registering, but I understand there were quite a few people who got the message “you reserved your place – now you have 15 minutes to complete the checkout” and then the site crashing. The rest of the places were charity ones. As I understand the race was heavily oversubscribed – maybe they will change the approach next year.



The course is clearly the race trump card, which is reflected in the name. Starting at Pall Mall, finishing at Downing Street it passes more or less all central London landmarks including St Paul’s, Tower, Trafalgar Square and also crosses the river twice. So if you are after sightseeing – this is probably as good as it can be.

The word of caution though – this is not an ideal PB course. It’s not very hilly (total of 65 metres of elevation gain on my Garmin), but rather twisty. I counted no less than 13 180-degrees turns and there were plenty of curves besides. I suspect this gave me at least 90 seconds of extra time. Some people complained of extra distance on their watches/phones, but my Garmin distance was nearly precise in the end. Not so during the race – because of tall building and tunnels you cannot really rely on watch GPS splits.


On course support:

Top marks for that. A lot of people cheering not only near start/finish, but throughout the course. Multiple bands and organised cheering groups along the course. Really pleasant experience.

A special thank you to Rick whose cheering for me and Edmonton RC near St Paul’s was very timely!


I would say that generally this was a well organised race with plenty of volunteers and no chock-points. I came well in advance, but considering the social media reaction it seems the runners were mostly happy with the organisation. The start was in waves and I heard a couple of complaints that the previous wave did not clear before the next one started. Regular water stations with bottled water and Lucozade.

Pre-race communication and social media activity was top notch.


Bling 😊

A very nice high-quality race T-shirt. An interesting medal. Free post-race photos in good quality (this is very unusual in our age).

A quick final word on XC season 2017-2018

This year Edmonton runners again took part in RunHerts cross-country winter league. The season included five races from October to February – Cheshunt, Trent Park, Willian, Watford and Royston. Perhaps unsurprisingly the highest turnout was at close-to-home Trent Park outing.

Final club position in the competition is defined by a combination of individual placings (the lower number – the better). If the team is short of a required size (8 men and 5 women) – then the maximum (last) place is assigned to the missing runners. This system awards having a full team even more than high individual placings.

ERC put a full ladies team in two races (out of five) and men team – in three races.

In the final standings ERC came 17th out of 20 clubs, which put us just above the relegation zone in EPL-speak:


Combined Teams
Trent Park 1798
Royston 2489
Harpenden Arrows 2857
St Albans Striders 3023
Watford Joggers 3112
Fairlands Valley 3350
London Heathside 4086
Garden City Runners 4238
Tri London 5032
Ealing Eagles 5275
Bishops Stortford 5955
Freedom Tri 6401
Team Trident 7073
Hitchin 8568
East London 9210
Serpentine 10310
Edmonton 10485
Broxbourne 11024
Herts Phoenix 12283
Latton 14768


On individual front here are the placements broken by age category (“1000” means that the runner did not take part in a particular race), four best results counted:

Senior Women Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total
Susie Dutoit Edmonton 1000 48 1000 41 25 1114
Gemma Wooden Edmonton 45 40 1000 1000 1000 2085
Shaoline Loke Edmonton 1000 28 1000 1000 1000 3028
Miranda Padley Edmonton 1000 46 1000 1000 1000 3046
Laura Tollerton Edmonton 48 1000 1000 1000 1000 3048
Nicola Lawley Edmonton 49 1000 1000 1000 1000 3049
Veteran Women 35+ Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total
Hannah Kelly Edmonton 1000 33 1000 29 1000 2062
Miranda Padley Edmonton 1000 1000 1000 44 1000 3044
Veteran Women 45+ Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total
Lorraine Pichelski Edmonton 1000 54 43 44 1000 1141
Catherine Turley Edmonton 1000 38 1000 29 1000 2067
Caroline Marlow Edmonton 48 1000 36 1000 1000 2084
Veteran Women 55+ Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total
Nina Kennedy Edmonton 1000 31 19 26 1000 1076
Ai Seng Paul Edmonton 1000 11 1000 1000 15 2026
Veteran Women 65+ Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total
Pauline Edmunds Edmonton 1000 3 1000 1000 1000 3003
Team Size 4 10 3 6 2
Senior Men Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total
Nazareno Feito Edmonton 95 103 1000 73 1000 1271
Tim Luck Edmonton 1000 1000 1000 65 63 2128
Chris Demetriou Edmonton 63 1000 1000 1000 1000 3063
Mont James Edmonton 79 1000 1000 1000 1000 3079
Simon Timmis Edmonton 1000 100 1000 1000 1000 3100
Veteran Men 40+ Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total
Ilia Loubenski Edmonton 25 25 21 17 1000 88
Simon Harrison Edmonton 59 53 1000 42 40 194
Michael Orr Edmonton 64 1000 49 40 46 199
Gary Robinson Edmonton 73 87 1000 64 1000 1224
John Tudor Edmonton 83 88 75 1000 1000 1246
James Gill Edmonton 1000 1000 1000 31 1000 3031
Martyn Wisken Edmonton 1000 1000 1000 51 1000 3051
John Bennett Edmonton 1000 65 1000 1000 1000 3065
Veteran Men 50+ Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total
Austen Slattery Edmonton 63 73 58 49 53 223
Kevin Esdaille Edmonton 1000 1000 1000 11 1000 3011
Monty Lyall Edmonton 1000 36 1000 1000 1000 3036
Mon James Edmonton 1000 1000 1000 1000 37 3037
Marc Bibaud Edmonton 1000 45 1000 1000 1000 3045
Vas Vassiliou Edmonton 51 1000 1000 1000 1000 3051
Tony Lambrou Edmonton 1000 81 1000 1000 1000 3081
Veteran Men 60+ Race 1 Race 2 Race 3 Race 4 Race 5 Total
Naresh Trivedi Edmonton 15 22 1000 15 15 67
Rick Oliver Edmonton 1000 35 1000 1000 1000 3035
Team Size 11 13 4 11 6


The accolade for the highest age category position goes to Naresh.


You can find all the official results at RunHerts website –



MID WEEK LEAGUE RACES 2018   Divisions 2 & 3


Wednesday 23rd May                         Hitchin Running and Stevenage Striders

Thursday 7th June                                Royston Runners

Wednesday 13th or 20th June             Herts Phoenix Athletic Club and             Broxbourne Runners

Wednesday 27th June                         Bishop’s Stortford Running Club & Harlow Running Club


Mob Match Divisions 1, 2 & 3 

Thursday 12th July                Garden City Runners


Gary Collins Handicap Dates for your Diary

Dates of this years Gary Collins 5k handicap :-

  • Tuesday 1st May
  • Tuesday 5th June
  • Tuesday 3rd July
  • Tuesday 7th August
  • Tuesday 4th September

Click here for more information.

This event is free to all club members, a timed 5k with an age grading to determine the result. Best 3 races to count.

This years Run The River 10k is on Sunday 14th October 2018, please add to your diary.



Club Championship New Season

The 2017-2018 ERC Club Championship is now up and running. You can find the points table here –

The table is calculated according to the rules –

All members race results recorded in the club database are taken into account. If you want to check the list of your recorded results – you can do so at the search page –


Watford Cross Country

Sunday 14th January 2018 is the 4th race in this years cross country season. The start time for this race is 10:30am.

Its open to all members, 8 men and 5 women make full teams. If you haven’t tried cross country before come along and give it a go. Trainers or trail shoes are best, spikes not advisable here as part of the route is on path. There are car parks in the town. Nearest are behind the Town Hall and in the middle of the roundabout near the Swimming Pool, the Avenue postcode is: WD17 4AJ. There is ample street parking on the local roads adjacent to the park. Please park considerately.

Link below for course map.

New Club Kit

Hello all


Chris asked me to put designs of the new club kit to the website. Please see below:

Female vest:


Male vest:



Long-sleeve T-shirt:




ERC members race results.

Hi everybody


We are trying to record all club members race results into ERC website database. This allows to see all the results in one place. This information is also used to calculate the club championship table.


This is not an automated process and we use different sources to collate this information. The chief source being excellent email updates from Naresh. Still there are omissions sometimes. Can you please check that all your results for the period from 01-Dec-2016 to date are recorded. You can see all your results by going to the results search page choosing your name from the drop-down list and pressing “Show results for”. If you believe that a result is missing – can you please email to providing the name of the race, your net time, finishing position and the link to the race results page (if available).

Gary Collins Town Park Handicap – Race 5 results and the final points table.

The results of the final race are now on the website:

Town Park Championship League Table

The top three in the ladies and men categories are:


Jan – 60 points.

Rita – 58 points.

Pauline – 57 points.


Ilia – 60 points.

Simon – 56 points.

Michael – 55 points.


A huge thank you to Pichelski family for their time and impeccable organisation yet again!

Alin did a great job of updating the results at the website in a timely manner! He also uploaded latest members races results and updated the Club Championship points table.

Gary Collins Town Park Handicap Race 5

This month’s race will start 10 minutes earlier than previous races. Please be ready to start by 7:20pm!

Tuesday 5th September is the 5th and final club handicap 5k race of the year.

This race is a good opportunity to test your improving fitness and speed. Even if you did not run last month it makes no difference  – come along and join in. Your best 3 races count towards your final score.

Start time 7:20pm. We will be starting promptly as the park closes earlier in September. You can meet us at the start point in Enfield Town Park at least 10 minutes before the race starts. Or at the clubhouse at 7pm, where we will jog to the park.

Click here to get all of the details on the start time and location. Also, don’t forget to join our Facebook event!

Gary Collins Handicap Series – Race 4.

The results are in on the website:

Town Park Championship League Table


Thanks again to Lorraine and the crew for organising the race and to Alin for the site upload!

Gary Collins Town Park Handicap Race 4

Tuesday 1st August is the 4th club handicap 5k race of the year.

This race is a good opportunity to test your improving fitness and speed. Even if you did not run last month it makes no difference  – come along and join in. Your best 3 races count towards your final score.

Start time 7:30pm. We will be starting promptly as the park closes earlier in September. You can meet us at the start point in Enfield Town Park at least 10 minutes before the race starts. Or at the clubhouse at 7pm, where we will jog to the park.

The ERC eating bugs still are out, insect repellent recommended.

Click here to get all of the details on the start time and location. Also, don’t forget to join our Facebook event!

Gary Collins Town Park Handicap Race 3 results.

The Race 3 results of the handicap series along with the cumulative standing are on the website now:

Town Park Championship League Table


Gary Collins Town Park Handicap Race 3

Tuesday 4th July is the 3rd club handicap 5k race of the year.

This race is a good opportunity to test your improving fitness and speed. Even if you did not run last month it makes no difference  – come along and join in. Your best 3 races count towards your final score.

Start time 7:30pm. We will be starting promptly as the park closes earlier in September. You can meet us at the start point in Enfield Town Park at least 10 minutes before the race starts. Or at the clubhouse at 7pm, where we will jog to the park.

The ERC eating bugs still are out, insect repellent recommended.

Click here to get all of the details on the start time and location. Also, don’t forget to join our Facebook event!

UKA membership and RunBritainRankings

One of the benefits of membership in ERC is that if you race for the club you get registered with UK Athletics. It seems that not everybody is aware that all the runners enrolled in UKA get a position in country-wide ranking along with other useful information.

If you follow this link you can search your name in the UKA database:

Finding it will give you the page with all your results from UKA-listed races along with the position in the country-wide and postcode ladder. It also shows where you sit percentage-wise in individual distances by year. Very handy for tracking your progress against the competition 🙂

Gary Collins’ 5K Handicap – second race results.

The results of the second race are now at the website:


Town Park Championship League Table

Massive thanks to Pauline who took on organisational duties in doing so sacrificing her own chance to race.


In ladies category Jan consolidated her grip on the series winning again and accumulating maximum tally of 40 points after two races. Rita came second this time as well – a super challenge from one of the club’s newcomers.


The competition is hotting up amongst men. As in the first race it is very tight at the top. In fact the modified results for the positions from second to sixth all fall within ten seconds interval.

Please mark your calendars for the next race on Jul-04. With best three performances counted it is still all to play (scratch play) run for!

Gary Collins’ 5K Handicap – first race results.

There was a great turnout for the first race of Gary Collins Handicap series last Tuesday. Now that Oompa Loompas behind the scene finished dealing with the race protocols – here are the results:

Town Park Championship League Table

Just a quick reminder how it all works. The raw results are age-graded by multiplying the time to the coefficient which equals 1 for the age between 23 and 27 and gets progressively smaller on both younger and older side. The modified results are then ranked from fastest to slowest (separately for males and females) with the first place giving 20 points, second – 19 points etc. In the end of the season (after five races) three best points results are counted for the final points total.

The first race produced some intriguing outcomes. Serial winner Pauline’s crown is under threat from Jan and a newcomer Rita. On the men side it’s pretty tight at the top – in fact we have Mike and Vas tied at 19 points with the same modified time with only 14 seconds separating results from second to sixth. Are we about to witness our own titanic end of the season struggle to finish at the top four? Only time will tell

There is absolutely no excuse then not to run at the second race, which will happen on Jun-06.




Mid week league races are a series of local races of approx 10k taking place in May/June/July between local running clubs- most of them are in Hertfordshire. Most races start at 7.45pm.

There are four races which count towards the league and then a final run called the Mob Match.

Bishops Stortford 10/5/2017
Stevenage (Spartans hosting) 24/5/2017
Hitchin 14/6/2017
Stevenage (nhrr hosting) 28/6/2017

Welwyn Garden City mob match 13/7/2017

An email will be circulated before each race giving venue and travel details.

We need 12 men and 6 ladies to score

These races are for all abilities. There is great comradery and the host club also provide excellent buffet type of food at the end.










Gary Collins’ 5K Handicap 2017!

Dates for your diary. Our annual 5K handicap will begin on the first Tuesday of May and run on the first Tuesday of every month until September. Dates listed below:

  • 2nd May
  • 6th June
  • 4th July
  • 1st August
  • 5th September

Look out for more information soon! For general info, click here.

Something Other Than Running!

Running is our thing, but I know there are a few amongst us who like to give our feet a rest, sit down and exercise.

Sportive UK Events are Jeremy and Luke who do the chip timing for our RTR 10K, but they also run a series of cycling events through the summer and some members may wish to try a cycle sportive. They are well run, sign posted and have food stops along the route. Usually a range of distances and not that expensive to enter. The list below are the ones for this year.

Herts Easter Hunt (Brookmans Park) – April 9th
Tour De Essex (Redbridge Cycling Centre) –  May 28th
Suffolk 100 (Kesgrave) – June 25th
Hertfordshire 100 (Brookmans Park) – August 27th
Isabel hospice Sportive (Bishops Stortford) – September 17th
Wares Essex? (Ware) – October 8th
Essex Season Ender (Redbridge Cycling Centre) – November 19th
Run it Red Marathon (Redbridge Cycling Centre) – September 24th

The tale of two races

The wind was howling and the cold was outrageous and the indomitable ERC members were out braving the elements.
Well done all!

Olympic Stadium 10k: Jan, Miranda & Susie
Royston Cross Country: Katie, Lorraine, Aggie, Michael, Ilia, Austen, Tim, Vasso

and all members who ran their various distances just because they wanted to!

ERC=Women Power

ERC ladies are without question the stronger in ERC. Take today as an example of their achievements:

Watford Half Marathon

  • Catherine – Since her return from injury last year Catherine has just metamorphosed into a running machine. Her well known aversion to mud has been cured as well!! Today she blitzed the course in a fantastic PB time of 1.53.
  • Tracey – She does not know the meaning of pain despite her injury woes and lack of running time she tamed the course in a great time 2.08
  • Victoria – She is training for marathons on consecutive weekends -Boston and then London so today’s run was a practice jaunt and in the process cajoled the best from Catherine.

London Winter 10K

  • Jan – Her runs are an example of metronomic running – dedicated to speed. Today was just another 10k run – another amazing race for Jan – she has the London Marathon coming up.

Well done ladies! You are ERC!

Cold Botheration

It was a cold cold morning -6 degrees at Whitewebbs – yet the ERC posse were out in force doing their races all over the place. Well done to all.

Miranda – A warm welcome – just joined us and has already clocked up her first 10k race in a time of 58 minutes. Well done!! She is going to improve on this time quite radically.
Jan – We are envious of the running machine – with her run-keeper friend!! – she runs and runs just for fun and today’s 10k was just a mere jaunt for her.
Susie – I do wonder how many races Susie has run and how many medals she has collected – yet another 10 k race – the first of many for 2017.
Ilia – A first duathlon for Ilia. He did the Eton Duathlon in 1:24:08 5k run, 20k bike , 5k run. A tremendous time.
Michael and John – Both did very well at the Fred Hughes 10 Miler in St Albans. Well done for representing ERC!

We also had an enterprising team at Whitewebbs clad in layers and an assortment of hats/gloves etc. The cold weather was only a temporary diversion!!


Sunday 18th December 2016 is the 3rd race in this years cross country season. The start time for this race is 10am. Parking is very tight so car sharing is advised.

Its open to all members, 8 men and 5 women make full teams. If you haven’t tried cross country before come along and give it a go. Trainers or trail shoes are best, spikes not advisable here as part of the route is on path.

Link below for map, look out for Naresh e-mail with more details.

Willian Road, Letchworth Garden City SG6 2AE



Grovelands Cross Country

The 2nd cross country is on Sunday 13th  November, this one is closer to home than the first. Its in Grovelands Park. The Bourne
N14 6RA

Start time 10:30am – all members welcome, all abilities. Even if you have not done x country before come along and give it a go. Distance is usually 5 ish miles. Please remember to wear your club vest and ear phones are now banned.

We had a full ladies team last month and was one man short, lets try to get full teams this month.

Run The River 10k – nearly sold out

Places in the Run The River 10k on Sunday 9th October have been going fast, and there’s only 26 plaes left. So if you know someone who’s planning to run but hasn’t entered yet, let them know they need to act fast to avoid disappointment!

Gary Collins Town Park Championship – Final Results

Congratulations to Alin for finishing first in the final Town Park race last Tuesday and taking the men’s championship title in the process!

The final championship table can be viewed here.

This year’s Town Park Championship must be the closest we’ve seen in a long time, with 11 runners achieving a score of 50 points or more, so a particular well done to Pauline, Alin, Jan, Michael, Devkee, Simon, Marc, Jane, Catherine, Sir Ken and Nina!

The races were really well attended throughout the series, with 45 different runners taking part, so great job everyone!

Last but certainly not least, a big thank you to Lorraine and the Pichelski family, who do a superb job organising, marshalling and collecting the results for all the races – the event would not take place without you!

Gary Collins Town Park 5k – the story so far

Hi Everyone,

We’ve got the final race of this season’s Town Park Championship coming up, so I thought it was about time I released a league table for the four races so far (many apologies that this has taken so long).

The latest Championship table is here.

First up, a big Congratulations to Pauline, who has retained the ladies’ championship with a race to spare. She scored maximum points in all three of her races – a superb achievement and a worthy winner.

Conversely, in the men’s championship there is all to play for in a five horse race! Michael and Alin are tied at the top, and will no doubt be looking to boost their score to nudge ahead in the final race. Simon is only a few points behind and could potentially pull level with the leaders with a win. Also in the picture are Ilia and Monty, who have participated and scored highly in two of the races so far, so another strong performance could still catapult them to the top!

The next and final Town Park 5k race is taking place this Tuesday 6th September, with a 7:30pm start. Whether you’ll be competing for the championship title, trying to hit a personal best, or simply enjoying an evening’s run through the park before winter draws nearer, I hope everyone has a great and enjoyable race!


Chris Smith


Tuesday 6th September is the last handicap of 2106 – if you have not run 3 races this year then its your last chance! Unfortunately the championship table has not been calculated, but it could be close at the top ! Michael, Alin, Marc, Simon and Monty ( if you do the last race) could be in with a chance.

With the ladies, Pauline, Jan, Devkee all contenders.

The final result will be worked out after the final race and lets see who takes top spot this year.

Come along and join in. 7.30pm sharp – its dark by 8.15pm