Website Migration and Members Login

Hi everybody

As you might have noticed ERC club website is getting a little bit long in the tooth. The biggest issue is that it’s not very mobile friendly (and I was reliably informed that this is a capital crime these days). Also, current functionality is quite limited.

After looking at several variants it was decided we move to a platform specifically designed to maintain sports club sites and events built by a company called Eventrac. If the name sounds familiar – that is probably because they managed the registration process for this year’s Triffic Trail.

Currently we are at the stage of preparing the site migration behind the scenes. Then on a day X Naresh will click his fingers Thanos-style (but in a good way of course) and the address will start pointing to a new shiny ERC website.

One of the benefits of the new site will be an ability to join the club and manage one’s member details online. Right now, we are about to transfer the members list to the new site. This will generate emails to all current members asking to confirm their registration and details. Can you please do this upon receiving the emails.

If you encounter any issues in the process – can you please email