Mid Week League epilogue.

Yesterday was the last race of this year’s Mid-Week Road Racing League (MWL). Below there is some general MWL information and a quick summary of ERC performance in 2018.


MWL combines English Athletics affiliated running clubs from North London and North of London.  This year there were 19 clubs in three divisions. Currently divisions 2 and 3 race together with results and points counting being separate. There are 5 races during the season. The distance is 10k (or close to 10k). The races are mostly on tarmac with occasional mild trail parts. The races take place on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday and normally start at 19:30 or 19:45.


Race results are uploaded to RunHerts website – http://www.runherts.com/mwrrr.htm


Current rules set a full team of 12 men and 8 ladies. If there are more competitors from a club – the ones outside of fastest 12 and 8 are treated as “B” team etc. After the race all finishers positions are added together and the teams are ranked by the lowest total. If the team is short of 12/8 then the last finishing number is added for every “missing person”. Therefore, no individual participant can lower team’s overall result. People in “B” and “C” teams still help by pushing other clubs lower in the standing.


Currently ERC competes in Division 3.


During a season there are four points races and the final Mob Match when all divisions race together with no points awarded. At the end of the season two clubs at the top of the division get promoted and two at the bottom – relegated. Additionally, individual trophies are awarded for the podium places by age categories.


This year there were following ERC runners numbers in league races:

Race 1 Hitchin – 12 men and 10 ladies.

Race 2 Royston – 9 men and 9 ladies.

Race 3 Welwyn – 8 men and 9 ladies.

Race 4 Harlow – 12 men and 8 ladies.

Race 5 (Mob Match) Welwyn – 7 men and 2 ladies.


The final Division 3 table looks like this:

Pos OVERALL Score Points
1 Hitchin Running Club 1,232 54 Promoted
2 Watford Joggers 1,549 47 Promoted
3 Freedom Tri 3,180 31
4 Edmonton Running Club 3,755 31
5 Herts Phoenix AC 3,570 29
6 Stevenage & North Herts AC 3,995 22
7 Broxbourne Running Club 5,062 10


ERC took a shared third place. Even though the gap to the promotion places is not small we probably can close it just by bringing the full teams for each race the next season. Naresh is doing a great job of organising these events for the club and coordinating logistics so there is no reason not to.


Several ERC runners got to the podium this year in individual Division 3 age categories:

Ai-Seng – winner in V55 category.

Jan – 2nd in V45 category.

Naresh – 2nd in V60 category.

Ilia – 2nd in V40 category.

Rita – 3rd in V45 category.