London Marathon GFA changes.

Many ERC runners consider Good For Age (GFA) qualification as an entry route to London marathon. It turned out that not everybody is aware that the race organisers introduced some rather big changes to the GFA system recently. These changes are already in place for 2019 qualification.


The details of the entry procedure are described at the VLM website –


Please notice that there is a very significant change starting from 2019. While achieving the GFA qualifying time used to guarantee entry – now it only allows to apply for one. Then the entrants would be selected from the applications pool from fastest to slowest to the total of 3,000 men and 3,000 women spread across age categories. The new process is similar to the one for Boston qualifying.


Therefore, the GFA applicants are now advised to apply for the public ballot as well to increase their chances of getting a race entry.


Unlike in Boston the age in GFA tables is taken not at the date of intended London marathon, but at the date when the qualifying race was ran. This might affect quite a few people.