RunThrough VeloPark Race Series

This particular race is an unusual one in that there are up to 5 races on the course at a time: Half, 10 Mile, 10k, 5k and 1 mile. They all start at different times, with the Half starting at 9am and the others about 15 minutes apart. The only downside is that you don’t know which race the runners are in you may be overtaking, but you can be certain that the faster runners going past are in another race!
If the thought of running 13 (and a bit) 1 mile laps seems a bit daunting for a Half Marathon then believe me it wasn’t that bad. Although I was the only ERC runner taking part today I did take along a couple of others to do the 10k (one of whom I believe got a PB).

How to get in:
This is part of the series which holds various races throughout the UK and London.
Although you have to sign-up beforehand the limit of 400 was only reached few days before the race. The 10k was £15 and the Half £18.

The course is run on the outdoor cycle track at the VeloPark. And guess what? It’s a mile long. It’s not flat, but there is a small and oft-recurring incline to negotiate but there are some good straights to get back up to speed. It does twist and turn a bit but there are no sharp bends so again easy to keep the speed going.
There is water available every lap and plenty of it.

On course support:
Although there were not many people out cheering, if you are a spectator you only need to walk about 100m to be able to see the whole course!
You can still get support as you pass the finish line every lap though as the commentator shouts out your name.

I found it well organised and the pre-race emails were timely and informative. You need to pick up your number on the day but arriving in plenty of time meant that there was no last minute rush. I don’t think it would be a problem anyway as there were 4 desks split by surname.
The only small downside is that the pre-race loudspeaker was a little bit quiet, but there were plenty of announcements to listen too.
You were never far away from the sound of someone shaking a tambourine for encouragement.

Bling 😊
A large medal and free post-race photos to share on Facebook. No T-shirt but I still think it was good value for money. They also provided bananas, protein shakes, flap jack and energy bars.

The VeloPark (and Velodrome) offer plenty of toilets, warm changing rooms and the possibility of a shower if you want post-race.