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  1. Ilia says:

    Parliament Hill on Saturday Jan-26.

    Here is the information from the organisers of the South Of England XC Championships at Parliament Hill on Saturday Jan-26.


    I know that a couple of people dropped from the team due to injuries/illnesses, but please consider coming over to support the competitors even if you are not running. Traditionally there is a pub gathering after the race and I do not expect this year to be different.

  2. Ken stewart says:

    In case anyone is still looking for a spring marathon, Edinburgh Marathon entries close tomorrow (Sunday 6th Jan). There at least 3 ERC members entered already.

  3. Laura Tollerton says:

    On a different note – I have booked Race to the Stonesd day 1 ultra. If anyone feels they would like to join (Gary) it is meant to be a delightful day out!! Saturday 13th July. And only about an hour away I believe.


  4. carol_m says:

    I would like to go to The Cock Inn pub, if others are, after the Trent Park 10 mile run.

  5. carol_m says:

    Does anyone know if there is an organised race happening on NYE 31st December? Normally there is a run arranged by Trent Park Club.

    • Richard Nice says:

      Yes, 5 or 10 miler. Meet 9am for 9.30am start at Cockfosters entrance to Trent Park, run starts from Cock Inn.

      • Daniela Petrianni says:

        Is this a cross country or on road?

        • Simon Harrison says:

          It’s completely on the road (pavement)

        • Lorraine says:

          ITs all on road. Due to injury not going to be able to run it. Usually after as an ERC tradition we go to The Cock Inn for an end of year drink. Let me know, be nice to see everyone.

        • Ilia says:

          Several people are going to run this. Last year the pub was still closed so we went to Trent Park cafe, but I think this was because of Sunday. Hopefully we can get to the pub this year.

        • Marc Bibaud says:

          Just checked pub website. Open from 11am on 31st..

  6. Ilia says:

    XC Spikes

    With the last two XC league races looming as well as the Parliament Hill adventure, a couple of people asked about the XC spikes.

    Just wanted to point at this year Adidas version on sale at SportsShoes.com for under 50 pounds. The way these shoes are used they will last for several seasons (but you might need to change the spikes themselves).



    • Dora Scavello says:

      Thank you, Ilia – that’s exactly what I bought before Stevenage. They’re quite lightweight and I think overall good value for money.

      • Daniela Petrianni says:

        This is great thanks! Guess what guys, I have a discount code for December for the sport shoes site, you can get 10% off. Use the code BXS1. HAPPY SHOPPING!!!

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