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  1. carol_m says:

    Hi everyone, it’s that time again! Fish & Chip supper, with sausage and chips and veggie burger and chips also on the menu. The date is Tuesday 17th October, so put it in your diary now! Prices are: £6.00 for fish and chips, £2.50 for sausage and chips and £3.50 for veggie burger and chips. I will be down at the club Tuesdays, Thursday and on Sundays so you can catch up with me then to place and pay for you order. This has previously been a great success so look forward to seeing as many of you there as possible. Carol x

  2. Derek Weedon says:

    Hi, someone left a water bottle on the wall outside the club on Tuesday. I’ve picked it up & have it in my car, so if it’s yours, give me a shout.

  3. Lorraine says:

    Our 10k race is getting closer, there are still places at the moment. If you know of anyone who said they were going to enter but hasn’t remind them to ASAP. Usually after the Mayors run the final places go fast.

    If you have not let me know about helping on the day please do so by e-mail.

    I am also looking for someone to take the race photos. They would be needed from about 9.30ish to take some shots of the general setting up and then some at the start and the runners as they finish. If anyone is able to do this or knows of someone, please get in touch.

  4. Ken stewart says:

    If you left a “handgrip” water bottle with a pink top on the wall at the club on Tuesday – I have it. Will bring it along on Thursday and Tuesday. Normal handling/storage rates apply.

  5. Simon Harrison says:

    ERC Kit Questionnaire
    By now you should have received a questionnaire about ERC kit. Please note there are 2 (two) answers that should be filled out Q1 Style and Q2 Size.
    Some responses have already missed Q2.

    • Ben Caldwell says:

      Hopefully my response came through ok?

      Male Medium Please!

    • Jan Hazirci says:

      Just in case it hadn’t gone through…..
      Female Racer Back

      • Aggie Minas says:

        Hi All
        With regards to the club kit, order the size you believe will best fit you. If it doesn’t fit you there will be scope to change it.

        • Shaolin Loke says:

          I think I will order the size I wish I was and hope I get slimmer haha!

          What does the CD stand for on the Hoddy?

          Kit looks fab by the way! Well done

        • Aggie Minas says:

          CD indicates a personalisation of the hoody. Once we have all the orders in, you will have the option of your initials sewn into the hoody

        • Shaolin Loke says:

          Thanks Aggie, is there an additional charge for personalising?

          Also is personalising available on the black one or only yellow and grey?

        • Aggie Minas says:

          The embriodery is available on all colour hoodies and is included in the price.

        • Shaolin Loke says:

          Sorry for the million questions! Can the vests be personalised? or do we take this somewhere else if we want to add names?

        • Aggie Minas says:

          No worries, they are all relevant questions.
          Vest personalisation will probably be cheaper to get done elsewhere.

  6. Lorraine says:

    To all those who took the First Aid course a few weeks back, I have the certificates and will bring them to the club tomorrow. (Tuesday) If you are unable to make it please let me know and we can make other arrangements.

  7. Ilia says:

    Volunteering opportunity this weekend – Great Newham London Run

    In case anybody interested – please see their email below:
    From: Helen Pattison
    Contact Number:
    Enquiry Type: General Enquiry
    Subject: Great Newham London Run



    Thank you for taking the time to read this message, we are currently looking for volunteers for the Great Newham London Run at the Olympic Stadium this weekend on Sunday 2nd July.

    I appreciate that this is fairly last minute but unfortunately we have been let down, so we are actively seeking people to help support our event.

    We are looking for volunteers to fill a number of roles including helping at the start, finish and on several drinks stations. If you volunteer as a club you will receive a £15 donation per volunteer to your club/group as well as lunch and a t-shirt.

    This is a brilliant opportunity to see an event first hand at the Olympic Stadium and we would appreciate any help you can offer.

    I look forward to your response.

    Kind regards

  8. Nina Kennedy says:

    Hi all – Ai Seng and myself (and others no doubt) will be needing a lift to the MWL on Wednesday evening. Please can anyone who’s driving let us know how many you can take, and if it’s okay for us to turn up at the Clubhouse at 6pm for a lift…? Thanks, Nina

  9. Miranda Padley says:

    What does everyone do with there old trainers??

  10. Ilia says:

    RunBritainRanking athlete search.

    Hi everybody. My initial posting about the Run Britain Rankings had a search address as a plain text rather than a link, which created some problems. Alin fixed it.

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