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  1. Becky Tanner says:

    Hi everyone – this Saturday (22nd June) I’ll be running my 100th Parkrun at Grovelands. If you’re free it would be lovely to see you in your club running top. Becky xx

    • Marc Bibaud says:

      I’ll be there in a volunteering capacity. (My 250 / 100 the following Saturday 29th @ Westmill).

    • Andrew Florides says:

      I’m RD at Grovelands this weekend, when it’s Becky’s 100th. Although it’s not an official ‘mass’ pacer day, if anyone would like to be a pacer for any time they like then please let me know and I’ll put you down on the roster.

  2. Ken stewart says:

    While the London Marathon Baggage Volunteers were waiting for the baggage trucks to arrive, we had a little contest of guessing which order our ERC runners would finish in terms of speed.

    There were 11 runners, and 12 volunteers had a go at this fun competition.

    The Results (drum role)

    6 entrants thought correctly that Simon would be fastest.
    These 6 also thought correctly that Dominic would be second fastest.

    They were Ilia, Dani, John, Hannah, Katie and Rick

    There were only 2 entrants who said that John B would be third fastest.

    They were Ilia and Rick. Well done!

    But as no one got all 11 in the correct order, it means that next year is a ROLLOVER.

    See you in 2020. Thanks for joining in the fun!

  3. Marc Bibaud says:

    Is anyone who’s not running or volunteering on Sunday interested in travelling up to watch and cheer on ERC colleagues?

  4. Jane Fitton says:

    Tomorrow’s backmarker

    Is anyone able to stand in for me tomorrow for Firs Lane backmarking, I’m unable to get away from work to do it. I can take your next BM and would be very grateful?


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