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  1. Sonay Suavi says:

    Hi all
    If anyone else is recovering from injury or wants to do shorter/slower run, I will be at the club tomorrow night.

  2. Ilia says:

    Message from Aziz for ERC old-timers.

    There was a message through the site contact form from one of ERC old boys. Please see below:

    “hi , my name is Aziz idrissi . i use to be a member in Edmonton club ,i just would like to say that i miss being with you all in the competitions ,i was at the club if i can remember around 1997 till 2000 . some of old friends may remember if you do and you have any photo for me with my team please i will be very grateful if you can send it to me by mail . I live in Dubai now for quite a wile .my kids still in UK at UNI . all my respect .

    This mail is sent via the contact form on the Edmonton Running Club website:

    If you want to get in touch – the email is

  3. Aggie Minas says:

    Hello All,
    As you know, we give out our annual awards at our Christmas party. Some of these awards are race related (championship, town park handicap etc) and some of them relate to individual achievements or to individual contributions to the club. Committee members may not always be aware of individual contributions, so if you think someone should be recognised, please email me with details of the person and what they have done (either for you or someone else). All suggestions will be considered by the committee.
    Send emails to:

  4. carol_m says:

    Hi Miranda, what lovely words from a lovely girl!! Xxx

  5. Miranda Padley says:

    Hey. Just wanted to share. I really hoped i was going to write this on Sunday but unfortunately i was unwell. I can’t believe i’ve been with you all for a year already, it feels like I have known you all forever!

    I just wanted to say how much I have absolutely loved being part of your club and have made some amazing friendships. I’ve learnt and grown so much and have always appreciated your advice and encouragement. I’ve sadly had my fair share of injuries already and my body is still learning and changing all the time! I guess this comes with the running territory!

    I remember on my first few weeks I thought you were all crazy running so many miles! Tbh a marathon still scares me haha! But never say never as that’s what I said about running before my best friend Kayleigh got me out for a few 5k runs before I joined the club.

    It’s crazy how things have changed in a year. I have really loved collecting medals, having socials and running with you all. I just wanted to say a big thanks and look forward to another year with you all. Miranda 😁 (🙈Opps! just accidentally posted in training chat!!)

  6. Lorraine says:


    I need help on Saturday to collect the items for the race on Sunday from the shed at the club.
    You need a car and be able or are getting to the centre on Sunday at 7am.
    The items are fairly large, so if you have an estate car that would be great.
    Please let me know if you can help, it would be 1pm on Saturday as the car park should be fairly clear by then.
    My number is 07910 663959

  7. Miranda Padley says:

    Hi Michael, Pauline and I are planning on getting the underground from woodgreen to Highbury and Islington, which takes 10mins ish! Then a 20min walk. I just need to work out the walking route from the station to the event village. We are leaving mine by car to the station at 7am.

  8. Michael Orr says:

    Pauline hi,

    Yes I am doing the race. I was looking at getting the tube down there going from Oakwood to Old Street as I think the overground runs too late on a Sunday as it is a nine o’clock start.
    Is there a better way to get there?


  9. Pauline Edmunds says:

    Hi is anyone else doing Shoreditch 10k this Sunday myself and Miranda are and think Michael Orr is , if you are Michael how are you getting there maybe we can all meet and anyone else going thanks 🏃

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