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  1. Hannah Nice says:

    Thank you so much to Miranda, Chloe and Nina for providing some desserts for Sundayโ€™s BBQ. If anyone else is intending to bring could you let me know?
    We have lemon possets, lemon or choc cake, brownies , cheesecake and something else.
    Hx 07988895387

  2. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested routes for 23rd June 2019 from Whitewebbs

    Note: many club members will be at Triffic Trail 10k

    6.2 miles WW-Maiden Br-New River-Bury Green-Bulls Cross Ride-Hotspur-stile-BH

    8.6 miles WW-MB-NR-BG-Silver St-Burnt Farm Ride-Clay Hill-BH

    10.3 miles WW-MB-NR-BG-SS-Cattlegate Farm (reverse)-Hillyfields-BH

  3. Does He Take Sugar says:

    Calling all Ware 10s entrants (7th July) …

    AND (I like a nice Boolean!)

    Calling all of those who did the guide running ‘taster’ with me at Pymmes last year.

    I wonder if any of you feel up to guiding for the 10mile? I appreciate time is short and so if it’s not possible then so be it, but if you fancy it and have time for a couple of practice runs then please let me know.

    Actually, you don’t even need to be entered – we can sort that!


  4. Hannah Nice says:

    Hello! Is anyone able to make a dessert for Saturday? I thought I would make brownies and a cheesecake . There are fruit platters (lovely) but no desserts as yet. If you are able to help please send me a message on FB or on my mobile 07988895387. So I donโ€™t hijack this training chat . Hx
    Thank you. And no pressure. ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Whitewebbs on Sun 16th June 2019

    7.3 miles WW-Rose Garden-Old Park Ride-Burnt Farm Ride-Hillyfields-BH

    8.3 miles WW-Rose Garden-OPR-Stables-BFR-HFS-BH

    9.6 miles WW-Rose Garden-OPR-Stables-Silver St-Cattlegate (reverse)-HFS-BH

  6. Chloe Thomas says:

    MWL Watford

    I am planning to drive and have some space in my car. I only have a mini so just have room for 3 more people in addition to myself! I live at the top of Willow Road near to Forty Hall so would ideally meet close to there as it is nearer to the m25. My contact number is 07535719429

  7. Naresh Trivedi says:

    Hi all
    I will be at club house at 6pm to go to Harlow MWL race
    I will have room for 2 more in my car. Let us try and get two full teams tonight.
    Promotion beckons!

  8. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested routes for 9th June 2019 from Whitewebbs

    6.2 miles WW-stile-Bulls Cross Ride-New River-Maiden Br-BH

    10.6 miles WW-stile-BCR-Lee Valley Park-Dragonfly Turn-NR-MB-BH

    12 miles WW-stile-BCR-LVP-Car Park Bridge-NR-MB-BH

  9. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Sun 2nd June 2019 from Whitewebbs

    6.3 miles WW Hillyfields-Cattlegate Farm-Burnt Farm Ride-Clay Hill-BH

    8.4 miles WW-HFs-Rectory Farm-Hadley Road-Trent Park-Rectory Farm-Clay Hill-BH

    10.5 miles WW-HFs-RF-Hadley Road-Trent Park-RF-Theobalds Pk Rd-Whitewebbs Lane-stile-BH

  10. Jane Fitton says:

    Back marker tomorrow

    Unfortunately I’m still injured so unable to backmark tomorrow. Is anyone able to swap with me and I can take their BM in a few weeks time when back to normal.


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