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  1. Simon Harrison says:

    I am thinking of holding a short Marathon prep chat on 29th Jan, 20-30, mins followed by a Fartlek session which will be suitable for all paces. New and experienced runners welcome. Meet at normal time. Anyone interested?

  2. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Sun 20th January 2019 from Whitewebbs.

    6.3 miles WW-Hillyfields-Cattlegate Farm-Burnt Farm Ride-BH

    8.4 miles WW-HFs-Cattlegate-Old Park Ride-Maiden Bridge-BH

    12.6 miles WW-Hillyfields-Ridgeway-Potters Bar-Coopers Lane-Cattlegate-Clay Hill-BH

    NOTE: There will also be a marathon training run starting at 08.00. Pace 10 mins/mile or faster.
    18.1 miles Vineyards

  3. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Whitewebbs on Sun 13th January 2019

    6.4 miles WW-Maiden Bridge-New River-Green Bridge-Bulls Cross Ride-Hotspur-Stile-BH

    8.5 miles WW-MB-NR-GB-Old Park Ride-Burnt Farm Ride-Hillyfields-BH

    11 miles WW-MB-NR-GB-OPR-Stables-Silver St-Cattlegate-HFS-BH

    Note: there is also a cross-country this Sunday. See club website and emails.

  4. Simon Harrison says:

    Track Session 10/01/2019 – 7:15 for 7:30 start

    5/6 x 1k . Recovery will be 90s – 2 mins, depending on pace.
    Select nearest 5K from the left column and your 1K pace is to the right!
    5K 1k Pace
    34 05:40
    32 05:25
    30 05:10
    28 04:55
    26 04:40
    24 04:20
    22 04:00
    20 03:40
    18 03:25

  5. Hannah Nice says:

    Hello ERC! Are there any slower people running in the morning?
    I am aiming for 9 or 10 miles but slowly. Let me know via FB . If not I can run earlier anyway xx H
    Not sure if this is the place to ask. Sorry if not x

  6. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Whitewebbs on Sun 6th January 2019

    6 miles WW-stile-Bulls Cross Ride-Green Bridge (over New River)-BCR-BH

    9.2 miles WW-stile-BCR-White Water Centre-BCR-BH

    11 miles WW-stile-BCR-Lea Valley Park (dragonfly turn)-BCR-stile-BH

    14.4 miles WW-stile-BCR-LVP (top bridge)-BCR-stile-BH

  7. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Whitewebbs on Sun 30th Dec 2018

    NOTE: 6.6 mile route has different start from others (missing out Rose Garden)

    6.6 miles WW-Stile-Old Park Ride-Burnt Farm Ride-Hillyfields-BH

    8 miles WW-Rose Garden-Stile-OPR-BFR-BH

    11 miles WW-RG-Stile-OPR-Stables-Silver St-Halstead Hill-Jones Road-HFs-BH

  8. carol_m says:

    Hi all, Thursday 20th December Club Run: how about we all dress up in Christmas clothes in some form!!!

  9. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Sun 23rd Dec 2018 from Whitewebbs.

    Clockwise Run
    6.5 miles WW-Hillyfields-Cattlegate-Burnt Farm Ride-Whitewebbs Lane-Golf Course Road-BH

    Anticlockwise Run
    6.5 miles WW-Golf Course Rd-Whitewebbs Lane-BFR-Cattlegate Farm (reverse)-HFS-BH

    8.8 miles Either of the above but add in stables loop, for instance

  10. Ken stewart says:

    Whitewebbs Run Sunday 23rd Dec 2018

    Something different for Xmas.
    Only one short route planned but a choice of running it in either direction.
    If there are enough runners we form 2 “teams” on the day. A clockwise team and an anticlockwise team.
    Pass somewhere en route and all back for an early cuppa.
    Emphasis is on club spirit not speed.
    Wear something Christmassy if you like.
    There will be an add-on option for anyone wanting to do a longer run.
    Routes posted soon so have a look and decide which way round you fancy running.
    Will only work if we have enough runners.

    • Daniela Petrianni says:

      Sorry can’t make Sunday I’m at another Santa Dash 🙂 shame as it sounds fun. I will hopefully see some of you at one of the Xmas day parkruns? Maybe Grovelands. Presume club runs aren’t on again for a while?

      • Simon Harrison says:

        The calendar has been updated but in short:
        There are club runs on 20th and 27th.
        No club runs Xmas Day and New Year’s day.
        Sunday runs – will continue.

      • Ilia says:

        I plan to run both Christmas Day and New Year Day parkruns at Grovelands. There were several ERC runners there last couple of years – I don’t think it will be diffrent this time.

        • Andrew Florides says:

          It’s a double park run on New Years day. 9.00am at Grovelands then 10.30am at Oak Hill. Some people run between the two park runs, others drive it.

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