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  1. Gary Robinson says:

    Back marker – Thursday

    Could anyone cover my back marker duty on Thursday as I’ve picked up a slight injury.


  2. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Sun 16th Dec 2018 from Whitewebbs.

    6.6 miles WW-Clay Hill-Burnt Farm Ride-Old Park Ride-Bulls Cross Ride-Maiden Br-BH

    8.2 miles WW-CH-BFR-Silver St-Bury Green-BCR-MB-BH

    9.3 miles WW-CH-BFR-Jones Rd-Halstead Hill-SS-Stables-Old Park Ride-BG-NR-MB-BH

    Note: There is also a cross country race on this day. See ERC website.

  3. Simon Harrison says:

    Track Session: 13 Dec 2018
    7 x 600 m @10k pace.
    200m very slow jog recovery (or 1 min 30s standing recovery)

  4. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Sun 9th Dec 2018 from Whitewebbs.

    8 miles WW-HFS-Golf Course-Crews Hill-Burnt Farm Ride-Old Park Ride-Hotspur-MB

    11.1 miles WW-HFS-Ridgeway-Potters Bar-Coopers Lane-Golf Course-Clay Hill-BH

    14.8 miles WW-HFS-Ridgeway-PB-CL-Cattlegate-OPR-BH

  5. Jane Fitton says:

    Back marker Tuesday

    Could anyone please take my place on Tuesday as I’m injured again and won’t be able to run. Hopefully later Dec I’ll be ok so could swap with someone backmarking then?


  6. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Sunday 2nd Dec 2018 from Whitewebbs.

    6.3 mile WW-Hillyfields-Cattlegate Farm-Burnt Farm Ride-Beggars Hollow

    8.4 miles WW-HFs-Cattlegate-Old Park Ride-Maiden Bridge-BH

    9.4 miles WW-HFs-Cattlegate-Stables Loop-OPR-MB-BH

    Note: Trent Park Cross-country is also this weekend.

  7. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Sun 25th Nov 2018 from Whitewebbs

    6.6 miles WW-Maiden Bridge-Bulls Cross Ride-Old Park Ride-Burnt Farm Ride-Clay Hill-BH

    8.2 miles WW-MB-BCR-Bury Green-Silver St-Burnt Farm Ride-Clay Hill-BH

    10.0 miles WW-MB-BCR-BG-SS-Cattlegate Farm (reverse)-Hillyfields-BH

  8. Ken stewart says:

    I’d like to thank Nicky for her impromptu warm up session today.
    It kept us warm before the run and I am sure prepared us for the initial Hillyfields inclines.

    Thanks Nicky.

  9. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Sun 18th Nov 2018 from Whitewebbs.

    6.3 miles WW-Hillyfields-Cattlegate Farm-Burnt Farm Ride-BH

    8.4 miles WW-HFs-Cattlegate-Old Park Ride-Maiden Bridge-BH

    12.6 miles WW-Hillyfields-Ridgeway-Potters Bar-Coopers Lane-Cattlegate-Clay Hill-BH

  10. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested routes for 11th Nov 2018 from Whitewebbs

    6.2 miles WW-stile-Bulls Cross Ride-New River-Maiden Br-BH

    10.6 miles WW-stile-BCR-Lee Valley Park-Dragonfly Turn-NR-MB-BH

    12 miles WW-stile-BCR-LVP-Car Park Bridge-NR-MB-BH

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