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  1. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Sun 22nd October 2017 from Whitewebbs

    6.3 miles WW-Hillyfields-Cattlegate-Burnt Farm Ride-BH

    7.8 miles WW-HFS-Cattlegate-Old Park Ride-(stile)-BH

    9.6 miles WW-HFS-Cattlegate-Silver St-Barrow Lane-BFR-stile-BH

  2. Simon Harrison says:

    Track Session 12/10/17

    3 x 800m – 10k pace
    3 x 400m – 5k pace
    3 x 200m – 1 mile pace

    Recovery is half the time of each rep. E.g. if you do 800m in 4 mins, then you get 2 mins recovery.

  3. Ken stewart says:

    There are no suggested routes from Whitewebbs on Sunday 15th October 2017.

    This is because all members are asked to help at our club race “Run the River”. If you haven’t already volunteered, feel free to come along (around 09.00 at Lee Valley Sports Centre) and see Lorraine on the day.

    Back to normality the following Sunday.

  4. carol_m says:

    Hi guys, just a quick reminder about our Fish & Chip supper at the club on Tuesday 17th October (2 days after the Run the River race). The food choices are Fish & Chips £6.00, sausage and chips £2.50 and veggie burger and chips £3.50. I will be down the club today Tuesday 10th and Thursday 12th to collect orders and payment. I can visit the chip shop at the weekend to place all the orders. Please feel free to catch me at the club or text me to let me know what you want. Carol 07905 329114

  5. Aggie Minas says:

    Hi Louis, yes there will be at the usual time of 7.15pm. Details will be posted on the website later this evening.


  6. Louis Saldiray says:

    Hi guys,
    Is there a run tomorrow night? Just because I couldn’t see anything on the calendar.

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