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  1. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Whitewebbs on Sun 21st July 2019

    WW-Maiden Bridge-Hotspur-Bulls Cross Ride-White Water Centre-River Lee Towpath-NORTHBOUND and return same route.
    (Choose your own return point to give you the distance you want.)

  2. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Whitewebbs on Sun 14th July 2019

    Normal Start Time – 09.00

    7.3 miles WW-Hillyfields-Crews Hill-Burnt Farm Ride-Old Park Ride-Bulls Cross Ride-stile-BH

    9 miles WW-HFS-CH-Burnt Farm Ride-Silver St-Barrow Lane-Bury Green-BCR-stile-BH

    13.7 miles WW-HFS-CH-BFR-OPR-LeaValley Park (Dragonfly turn)-New River-Maiden Bridge-BH

    15.1 WW-HFS-CH-BFR-OPR-LVP (Middle Bridge)-NR-MB-BH

  3. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested routes for 7th July 2019 from Whitewebbs

    Note: a number of members will be running the Ware 10.

    6.2 miles WW-Maiden Br-New River-Bury Green-Bulls Cross Ride-Hotspur-stile-BH

    8.6 miles WW-MB-NR-BG-Silver St-Burnt Farm Ride-Clay Hill-BH

    10.3 miles WW-MB-NR-BG-SS-Cattlegate Farm (reverse)-Hillyfields-BH

  4. Ken stewart says:


    IN ADDITION to the already posted routes (starting at 09.00 as usual) a few of us have decided to do an 18 mile route from WWs tomorrow.

    This will be a hilly route aiming at a pace of 10 minutes/mile or faster. This additional route will start at 08.00 if anyone is interested.
    18.1 miles Vineyards

  5. carol_m says:

    Is anyone going to the club house tonight for the usual Thursday evening run?

  6. Naresh Trivedi says:

    MWL race this evening
    Let us try and get two full teams
    12 men
    6 ladies


  7. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Sun 30th June 2019 from Whitewebbs.

    6.3 miles WW-Hillyfields-Cattlegate Farm-Burnt Farm Ride-BH

    8.4 miles WW-HFs-Cattlegate-Old Park Ride-Maiden Bridge-BH

    12.6 miles WW-Hillyfields-Ridgeway-Potters Bar-Coopers Lane-Cattlegate-Clay Hill-BH

  8. Simon Harrison says:

    BIOMECHANICS Chris Wilson- Thursday 27th June
    Chris Wilson has asked if he should do a session this Thursday. He knows it’s been a heavy week; Triffic Trail, MWL + BBQ!. I will cancel it if no real interest for this month (He may still come running with us anyway..) . Let me know

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