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  1. carol_m says:

    Thinking of buying a new running watch that links to Strava. Any ideas anyone? Thanks

    • Ilia says:

      I think all the running watches these days can sync the data into their site/app and there you can turn export to Strava. Garmin, tomtom, Suunto definitely do.

      Garmin is the biggest player so sticking with them should be safe.

  2. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Route from Whitewebbs on Sunday 18th June 2017

    Suggested START time 08.00 because of forecast hot weather and a flat route where members can run the distance and pace they like.

    WW–Maiden Bridge–New River (to green bridge)-White Water Centre-River Lea Towpath (northbound)

    The plan is that you STUDY THE MAP, choose your distance and turning point, team up with others of similar pace, run outbound to half your chosen distance and return the same route.
    Examples: (total distances – includes return)
    WW – Bridge over New River = 6.2 miles
    WW – Railway Crossing = 8.6 miles
    WW – White Water Centre = 9.6 miles
    WW – River Lea towpath = as far as you like!?!

  3. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Whitewebbs on Sunday 11th June 2017

    6.6 miles WW-Stile-Old Park Ride-Burnt Farm Ride-Hillyfields-BH

    8 miles WW-Rose Garden-Stile-OPR-BFR-BH

    12.6 miles WW-RG-Stile-OPR-Silver St-Cuffley Hill-(track to) Cattlegate-HFs-BH

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