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  1. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Sunday 25th March 2018 from Whitewebbs.

    6.6 miles WW-Golf Course Rd-Hotspur-Old Park Ride-Hillyfields-BH

    10.1 miles WW-Golf Cse Rd-Hotspur-Bury Green-Silver St-OPR-Maiden Br-BH

  2. Ken stewart says:

    Suggested Routes for Sunday 18th Mar 2018 from Whitewebbs.

    6.3 miles WW-Hillyfields-Cattlegate Farm-Burnt Farm Ride-Beggars Hollow

    8.4 miles WW-HFs-Cattlegate-Old Park Ride-Maiden Bridge-BH

    9.4 miles WW-HFs-Cattlegate-Stables Loop-OPR-MB-BH

  3. carol_m says:


    Anyone planning on running from the club tonight? I wouldn’t mind doing about 6 miles if so!


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